Breathable Indoor Car Cover

Breathable Cotton Indoor Cover. Zips Open for Quick and Easy Access.
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  • UK Made
  • Guaranteed
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  • Breathable
  • Dust, Damp & Rust
  • Internal Lining
    Protects Paintwork
  • Lightweight
  • Protection Against
    Knocks & Scrapes
  • Soft

Indoor Car Cover

This soft indoor car cover is lightweight and practical. It’s made from a breathable poly-cotton blend which boasts a water-resistant finish, so moisture from the atmosphere won’t pass through and become trapped between it and the car. The material has also been double-brushed to make it soft, protecting the paintwork on the vehicle.

This breathable indoor car cover will protect the vehicle from damage caused by damp conditions, dust, knocks, scratches and scrapes. Simple and quick to fit, the elastic is strong and will hug the vehicle as it is being fitted. Covered zips on each side ensure that you can access your car with ease even while the cover is in place and it comes with a bag so you can store it away neatly when it’s not in use.

We will send you the correct size of Breathable Indoor Cover to fit the Car make, model and year you have selected. Photography shows pictures of the actual product fitted to vehicles of differing sizes.