Nanotech 'Extreme' Outdoor Car Cover

Extreme' Protection for Your Car. Waterproof and Breathable.
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  • UK Made
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  • All Weather
  • Breathable
  • Protection Against
    Knocks & Scrapes
  • Protection from
    UV Rays
  • Protects against
    Bird Droppings
  • Soft

Extreme Waterproof Car Cover

Offering the highest protection of any of our car covers, this Nanotech 'Extreme' Outdoor Car Cover is designed for anyone who wants to store their car outside for a long period of time. Fully breathable, the Nanotech Cover will allow any moisture inside the cover to breath out through the polyurethane fabric, harmlessly into the air.

It can also be fitted to a car which wet and again the moisture will evaporate out through the cover. The material is strong but also soft and elasticated so it clings to the car on the inside while protecting from the elements, wildlife and general knocks and scrapes.

The Nanotech cover is waterproof, comes with a carry bag and is fitted with three straps so it can be secured to the car. For extra security there is also the option of fitting a Cable lock. If your car has been resprayed in the last 18 months we recommend you choose the Breathable outdoor cover instead.

We will send the correct size of Nanotech 'Extreme' Outdoor Car Cover to fit the car you have selected. Photography shows the actual product fitted to vehicles of differing sizes.

We also offer a custom outdoor cover, made from the same Nanotech material using a pattern which exactly matches the dimensions of your car, including pockets for the wing mirrors. These covers are made to order in around 3 to 4 weeks. For more information please contact us on: +44 (0)1274 240 200.