Soft & Stretchy Indoor Car Cover

Breathable & Stretchy Satin Fabric. 5 Stylish Colours Available.
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  • UK Made
  • Guaranteed
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  • Breathable
  • Dust, Damp & Rust
  • Internal Lining
    Protects Paintwork
  • Lightweight
  • Protection Against
    Knocks & Scrapes
  • Soft and Stretchy

Soft Indoor Car Covers

Made from a tightly-woven, Lycra-blend fabric, the luxurious Soft and Stretchy Indoor Car Cover will fit snugly over your vehicle to give it protection from knocks and bumps, as well as from dust and damp. Elegant and attractive, it has a striking sheen to give it a high-class look and its clingy nature means that it will show off your car’s contours in style. It also comes in up to five fantastic colours: classic Black, eye-catching Guards Red, sophisticated Cool Grey, vintage-style Bottle Green and vibrant Navy Blue.

This satin-look indoor car cover is breathable to prevent condensation from building up beneath it and also features a soft liner, so it won’t damage your paintwork.
Lightweight and easy to fit, this Super Soft Stretch Indoor Car Cover contains a strong elastic which keeps it in place while in use.

We will send you the correct size of Soft and Stretchy Indoor Cover to fit the Car make, model and year you have selected. Photography shows pictures of the actual product fitted to vehicles of differing sizes.